Eve's Watch Review

When you’re the creative director of seriously zeitgeist men’s magazine Port, there are going to be high expectations when you announce you’re designing a watch. Thankfully for Kuchar Swara, those expectations have certainly been met.Sekford is at once a homage to horology’s past – the design is meant to emulate the 18th and 19th century pocket watches and the name comes from a street in Clerkenwell synonymous with London’s watchmaking past – as well as feeling thoroughly of the moment.

Unsurprisingly, considering Swara’s editorial experience, Sekford’s font has been custom made. Called Sekford Undeground Tiny, it is a special cut of Edward Johnston’s Underground typeface, but made extra thin to emulate the single-brushstroke lines on old watch dials.

It’s a great-looking timepiece for those looking for something interesting in that sub-£1,000 bracket. Michel Roux Jr’s a fan too, don’t you know?