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Meet the new breed of British watchmakers that are shaking up the horology scene


An aesthete rather than a watchmaker by trade, Kuchar Swara, 36, founded Sekford in 2015. ‘I’d been working in Milan in magazine art direction,’ he remembers, ‘and I thought it would be nice to sink my teeth into something physical.’

Despite being one of London’s creative minds — Kuchar is co-founder of Port magazine — watch design wasn’t his forte, so he went in search of enlightenment. At the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, Swara was inspired by the minimalism that British designers have employed since the 17th century. ‘It struck me that the dials were pure in their refinement — it was all about legibility.’ Many of those watches were made on Sekforde Street in Clerkenwell, which is how Sekford got its name. Though its watches are made in Switzerland, everything else is conceived in London.

So far there is just one Sekford watch, the elegant 1A, but more designs are in the works. And the business is ticking along nicely thanks to Kuchar’s unexpected clientele: ‘The majority of my customers work in finance and law,’ he exclaims. ‘I imagine it appeals to their sense of history and they like the story.’