Sekford Watch Review

What a watch. It’s utterly beautiful. I wasn’t quite expecting to fall in love with it – on first sight – in the way that I have.The weight, the size, the feel of it. It has the feel of something that is a ‘classic’ – the delicate-yet-confident feel of something that’s been around for ever. Like a precious heirloom that I’ve just inherited. Everything feels so perfectly considered – but in an effortless way. I can’t stop glancing at my wrist, which has made reading the paper this morning (see pic) hard. It’s a masterpiece. Extraordinary achievement. I’m very proud to have a first edition Sekford watch.
Matt, New York

Dear Sirs,
My girlfriend has taken my watch and i’d like to buy another one. Do you offer discounts on a second purchase?
Thomas, Berlin

Lovely pieces and superb packaging.
Happy New year!
Leon, Lake District

I am in love with my watch! It is sleek, sophisticated, and elegant in design. To say the least I am impressed!
Joseph, Los Angeles

I have fallen in love with my watch completely and so has my wife. She was even wearing it around the house yesterday. It is a true object of beauty and I am thoroughly enjoying exploring all it’s discoverable wonders!
Jesse, London

The watches incorporate everything I would expect in an elegant watch. Beautiful craftsmanship, fantastic attention to detail, understated yet very distinct (the numerals are nothing short of a masterpiece) all that at a price point that doesn’t require you to remortgage your house. A truly fine dress watch.
Daniel, London

The watch is great, I’m a fan!
David, Berlin

I really appreciate the care of packaging and response timing. Thank you.
Sebastian, Singapore

I received my watch from Aria this morning and I can’t believe how smart and elegant it is.
Best wishes with your lovely company! I look forward to the newsletters.
Sorcha, Dublin