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What a watch. It's utterly beautiful. I wasn't quite expecting to fall in love with it - on first sight - in the way that I have.

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"Sekford’s Type 1A watch is Swiss-made, as sleek as the Batmobile, and made for any occasion whether it be big business meetings or grabbing a pint with friends.

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It’s been a big year for new watch design. The latest horological name to reach our radar is a European brand with a very British character: Sekford. ... Continue reading

The Daily Telegraph

“There is an intriguing team behind new watch brand Sekford, which brings together a graphic designer, watch designer and an industrial designer.

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Icon Design

Modernismo, artigianato ed ingegneria negli orologi Sekford... Continue reading

Eye Magazine

Amid the rush of modern gadgetry, Sekford watches stand out because they are, paradoxically, timeless ... Continue reading

Creative Review

Creative director Kuchar Swara has launched a new watch brand, Sekford, with designers Cédric Bellon and Pierre Foulonneau. Watches feature bespoke lettering by Commercial Type and a Gothic-style engraving by printmaker Mark Wilkinson.... Continue reading


There are watches and then there are timepieces. And then there’s Sekford.... Continue reading


The recent swathe of affordable, designled British watch brands, which aren’t ashamed to draw on Swiss third parties to guarantee a thoroughly built product, gains a new face this year, in the form of Sekford.

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