Michel Roux Jr. — Interview

Michel Roux Jr. was only 7 years old when his father and uncle established Le Gavroche in Mayfair in 1967. ... Continue reading

Sir John Soane’s Museum

The Sir John Soane's Museum – housed in three handsome terraced houses that overlook Lincoln’s Inn Fields in central London – is a remarkable monument to a largely forgotten man. ... Continue reading

Richard Cato — Interview

The world of horology has changed significantly since Richard Cato began his apprenticeship as a watch repairer in 1969. ... Continue reading

Joss McKinley — Interview

No other photographic discipline is more directly linked to its historical traditions – in painting and drawing – than still life photography. Not only is the camera, in its ability to accurately reproduce the object placed ... Continue reading

Thomas Seckford

This month the Journal traces the origins of the Sekford name from a quiet street in central London to the courts of Queen Elizabeth I, capturing a snapshot of five centuries of history in the British capital. ... Continue reading

Nigel Raffety — Interview

It’s winding day at Raffety, the antique clock dealership in Kensington established by Nigel Raffety in 1979. Though today international horological innovation is concentrated on wristwatches, and the ever greater miniaturisation and complication of their mechanisms, Raffety’s showroom is a cathedral to the cutting edge of the 17th century. Here, the gentle chatter of the longcase clocks lining the walls and the smaller, ornate carriage clocks arranged on tables, attest to the enduring skill of the craftsmen who built them over 300 years ago.... Continue reading

Sekford in September

In a unique collaboration with Sekford, Salvatori, the Italian design company renowned for their work with high-quality stone, will be hosting an exciting project exploring the evolution of typography

... Continue reading

Michael Craig-Martin — Interview

Michael Craig-Martin occupies a unique place in the history of contemporary British art. As an artist, his hugely influential 1973 work An Oak Tree – a glass of water placed on a high shelf with a text explaining ... Continue reading

Richard Kindersley — Interview

Richard Kindersley is one of Britain’s pre-eminent lettercutters and experts on typographic design. The son of esteemed cutter and sculptor David Kindersley, who studied under Eric Gill, Richard has gone on to work on major national and international projects, including the monument commemorating the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, inscriptions for the UK Supreme Court and special commissions for the Victoria and Albert museum and St Paul’s Cathedral.... Continue reading

Retail Partners — News

Sekford is now stocked by three institutions of British retail – Selfridges, Ogden of Harrogate and Harvey Nichols. To celebrate, this month The Sekford Journal delves into their long, illustrious histories to discover tales of Tutankhamun, Absolutely Fabulous and an all-girl gun club in the centre of London.

... Continue reading

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