Instructions for Use

Setting the Time
Pull the crown outwards from its set position (a) so it clicks into the adjustment position (b). You can now move the hands to the desired time by turning the crown clockwise; please do not turn the crown counter-clockwise. Push the crown back in to set.

Please note: While the crown is not in the set position (a), the watch is not moisture resistant.

Watch Care
The following guidelines will ensure your Sekford watch maintains its fine working order and appearance over the duration of its long life.

Use the chamois cloth provided and avoid submerging the watch case in water. The leather strap is a breathing material and may show some white grease markings at times – this is perfectly normal Please use the cloth provided to wipe away any markings.

The battery in your Sekford watch has an estimated lifespan of 60 months. When your battery requires replacing, please get in touch by emailing

Water Resistance
The 3 ATM water resistance rating of your Sekford watch means it is able to withstand everyday use, including exposure to humidity and light rain. However, you should avoid wearing the watch whilst in contact with water to preserve the long life of the leather strap.

The two-year guarantee accompanying this Sekford watch covers any defects in materials or mechanical failures that may occur in this period.

The Guarantee Does Not Include
— General wear and tear
— Damage of any part of the watch including lens resulting from normal use, accidents or misuse
— Damage sustained by the components as a result of contact with moisture or water
— Battery
— Leather Strap

Please do not engage anyone other than Sekford’s repair centre to conduct inspections or servicing as this will void the guarantee.

If we can be of any assistance or if you would like to book your watch in for servicing don’t hesitate to get in touch